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My lifelong love of fabrics began as a child, with a loving grandmother teaching me how to make a poncho (remember those?) for 4-H. I won a blue ribbon for that poncho, though, truth be told, my grandmother deserved the credit.

She left her old Dressmaker sewing machine to me, and I’ve hauled it over the countryside ever since.

As my children grew up, with handmade costumes, and English smocked and shadow embroidered dresses kept me busy, but alas, they reached the age where mommy made clothes were no longer as special and I needed a new outlet for my love of sewing, so quilting was born.

I’ve been happily quilting for 30 years, all while sharing my love of the fabric arts with others.

I’m a transplant to West Texas, where I reside with my husband and two little Havanese.

I provide high quality quilting services with a fast turn-around for quilters who love to piece many quilt tops, but don’t have the time to quilt them all.

Let me help you get those quilts done.