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Do you ship?

Yes.  Place your quilt top and your backing fabric, along with a completed Shipping Form, in a USPS provided Priority Mail box and ship it to us.  We provide complimentary Return Shipping, via Priority Mail.

What if I can’t find the design I want, in the catalog?

On the form, indicate the all over design you’re interested in.  If the design you want isn’t in the catalog, simply tell us the design you want, and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it, at no additional cost to you.

What size should the backing be?

The Quilt Preparation page explains in detail, quilt backing preparation.  Please ensure it’s at least 6″ longer and 6″ wider than your quilt top.

Can you prepare my backing?

Yes, just send your pressed fabric with your pressed quilt top (it will crease in the box, but I’ll press that out), and I’ll prepare and stitch the seam(s) for you.  There is a $10 charge, per seam.

When can I expect my quilt to be returned?

Quilts with Edge to Edge designs, will ship within two to three weeks of it’s arrival.  We strive for a 10 day turnaround, but during busy times, this may not be possible.  If, for any reason, there’s a delay, you’ll be notified and a new ETA provided.

Do you offer custom quilting?

Yes, we do.  However, we currently accept only one custom quilt per month and ask clients wanting custom, to reserve a future spot as soon as they know their quilt top completion date.  Turn around for Custom Quilting is four to five weeks.

Do I enclose a check?

When your quilt is received, we will measure it, and send you a paypal invoice (or you can call with a credit card number if you prefer.  However, you will not be billed until your quilt is ready to ship.


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