10% off to South Plains and Ogallalah Guild Members (please show your card when you drop off, so it can be noted)

Edge to Edge quilting (all over design, from one edge to the other)  $.0175 (for level 1 designs) to $.0225 (for level 3 designs) per square inch.  Price depends on the density of the design chosen.

Semi Custom Quilting is an all over, border to border design and then separate design in the borders.  .0275 to .0375.  Price depends on the density of the designs chosen as well as number of borders. Please call or email for a price estimate on your semi custom quilt.

Custom Quilting is a variety of designs, specific to the blocks, different quilting in sashing, microstippling in the background of appliqués, etc.  Pricing begins at .045 and up.  Pricing depends on the density of the quilting, number of designs, and intricacy involved.

Thread is included in the price.

Batting is $8.50 per yard, for both 100% cotton and 80% cotton/20% polyester. 80% cotton/20% wool is $9.50 per yard. Both Wool and Silk battings are also available. Please call for pricing. I use both Hobbs and Quilters Dream battings. However, if you bring your own batting, I only accept batting’s from The Warm Company and Quilters Dream, due to quality issues of other bagged battings.

Binding: If binding your quilts is a big drag, let me do your binding. I offer a variety options to choose from.

I will prepare and sew on your binding (machine stitched to the top and hand stitched to the back) for .30 cents a linear inch.

I can also prepare and sew binding on back and machine stitch to the front for .15 cents a linear inch.